Beach Ball Games


Beach Ball Games

Our favorite Beach Ball games for kids, tweens, teens and adult parties!beach-ball-games

All you need to play these fun, inexpensive and original games are beach balls … some do require a few extra household items.

Beach Ball Boogie
Beach Ball Hockey
Beach Ball Relays
Crazy Ball
Icebreaker Ball …

and 15 more fun games!

Play them at birthday parties, backyard get togethers, family reunions or anytime you need a fun game to entertain your family, friends and guests.

Beach balls are cheap … only $1.00 at the dollar store! … and are very versatile.   Use them to play the games and then give them away as party favors after the party is over!

Beach Ball Party Games 

For more fun summer and birthday party games visit the Birthday Party Ideas
4 Kids website and get the party started!

Hula Hoop Games


Hula Hoop Games

We’ve listed our favorite Hula Hoop games for kids on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids hula-hoop-gameswebsite!

Over 12 of the best Hula Hoop games for kids, tweens, teens and adults.  Great for birthday parties, backyard get togethers, camping, at the park, school or family reunions!   Fun, unique games that are easy to play and lots of fun.

Hula Hoops are cheap (only 1.00 at the dollar store!) and can be used in so many different ways.  Add a few house hold items like beach balls or bean bags and you have all you need to play all of the games we have listed.

Make sure to check out our Birthday Party themes page where we have over 200 fun, creative and unique birthday party themes all with themed games, activities, party food, favors, decorations and more.

Let us help you get the party started!

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

Pool Noodle Games – No pool required!


Pool Noodle Games

Pool noodles are cheap (only $1.00 at the dollar store!), colorful and with these fun pool noodle games lots of fun for summer!

We’ve come up with over 20 fun games to play with pool noodles!   Some games need a few other items such as a beach ball to play, but all are simple, cheap and lots of fun!!

Great for kids, tweens, teens and adult parties, backyard barbecues,  the beach, poolside, at the park or anytime you just want to have some simple and inexpensive summer fun.

For full directions and variations on each game visit our website :  Pool Noodle Games 

Beach Ball Relay
Beach balls

Beach Ball Relay with Obstacles
Beach balls, obstacles such as lawn chairs, sandboxes, slides, play tunnels

Balance Camp
Have players compete in several different training games!

Beach Ball Volley
Volleyball net or rope across the playing area, beach balls

Balloons, laundry baskets

Circle Toss

Crazy Team Tag
2 colors of Pool Noodles – one color for each team, large outdoor space

Frisbee Relay

Hoop Run

Tape, string, tree branches or string across two tall structures

Life Size Foosball
Marble Destruction
Marbles, sidewalk chalk or other tall objects that can be knocked over

Marble Run
Pool Noodles cut in half lengthwise, marbles, tape

Noodle Charades

Pool Noodle End to End Water Relay
Large container of water, empty gallon milk jugs

Ring Toss
Small swim rings

Scoop Relay
Large container of water, empty gallon milk jugs

Shaving Cream Challenge
Play balls, shaving cream, large tub of water

Sword Bubble

Tri Team Relay
Beach balls
We also have a long list of:

Splash and Water Games

Swimming Pool Games

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Water Balloon Games

for kids, tweens and teens ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old.

Over 200 party themes too!    Let’s get the party …. and the summer started!

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Party Games


Teenage Party Games

Just added to the website this week – a whole page full of fun party games for teens!

Game ideas for birthday parties, sleepovers, icebreakers, school and graduation parties, sweet sixteen, church and camp events … or any time a group of teens want to have fun!

Perfect games for 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 year olds.   All the games are easy to put together, cheap and lots of fun!

Teen Mall Scavenger Hunts – 8 different options to choose from and all have FREE item lists.  Most require no money, and all are lots of fun!

Teen Pool Party Games

Teen Indoor and Outdoor Games

Mystery Dinner – fun way to serve food at a party.  Free menus and directions included!

Teen Party Games – let’s get the party started!

For more fun birthday ideas see our website!


Party Themes – over 200 to choose from for thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year olds!

Bubble Guppies Party Ideas


Bubble Guppies Party Ideas

Just added to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website – Bubble Guppies!

All of our favorite do-it-yourself birthday party ideas with a Bubble Guppies theme.

Inexpensive and easy ideas for:

Party Games


Party Food




Goody Bags

and more fun ideas!

All of our ideas are listed on one page so it makes it easy to pick and choose which birthday party ideas will work the best for your child, guests and budget.

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids also has over 200 party themes, party games, activities and everything you need to get the party started!

20 Fun Balloon Party Games


20 Fun Balloon Party Gorangebirthdaypartyballoonames 

We’ve just listed our favorite party games that all have one thing in common – balloons!

These games are inexpensive, unique and lots of fun for kids birthday parties.   These are the best of the best and include fun games such as:

Balloon Pop

Balloon Stomp

Blow, Blow, Blow!

Diaper the Baby

Don’t Touch the Ground!

Funnel Catch

Human Hippos

Hula Toss

Kite Flying

Obstacle Course


Piggy Round-up

Secret Messages

Waddle Relay

and many many more!orangebirthdaypartyballoon

orangebirthdaypartyballoonFind instructions on how to play all the Balloon Party Games on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website

Avengers Party Ideas


Avengers Party Ideas

New on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website we’ve just added a great new page full of Avenger’s birthday party ideas!

Fun and unique ideas for party games, birthday activities, races, crafts, decorations, invitations, party food, favors and lots of great ideas to choose from that will make party planning easy and fun!

All the party ideas are listed on one page so it’s easy to plan the perfect party.  Just pick and choose, mix and match which ideas you and the birthday child like the best.   Easy and fun games that kids love and are easy to put together with household items.   A great party doesn’t have to break the bank.

Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

from the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.  Let’s get the party started!

5th Birthday Party Ideas


5th Birthday Party Ideas

Great birthday party ideas for five year olds!  Now soon to be five year olds have their own page on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website!

Planning Tips

Party Themes

Birthday Party Timeline

Party Games for 5 year olds

Birthday Activities

and much more!

Get ready for a great party with party planning help from Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids!

Party Games, Sleepover Ideas, Activities, Scavenger Hunt Lists, Treasure Hunts, Goody Bag Ideas, Party Favors, Outdoor kids activities, Sidewalk Chalk games and more!

Bigfoot Party Ideas


Bigfoot Party Ideas

Searching for a fun new party theme for your next birthday party?   Look no further!  We’ve just posted a fun Bigfoot party theme on the website!

Full of fun party ideas, birthday games, activities, crafts, party food ideas and much more … all with a Bigfoot theme.

So if you are looking to plan a party with a Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti theme you’ll find everything you need all in one place.   Great for kids, tweens and teen parties.

Bigfoot Party Ideas for Kids

You’ll also find party games, activities, sleepover ideas for boys and girls, party crafts, invitation ideas, RSVP help and much more on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.   Let’s get the Bigfoot party started!

Would You Rather Party Game


Would You Rather Game

The Would You Rather Game is a fun party game that is easy to play and needs no special items to play.  It can be played as a group or as individuals.

The object of the Would You Rather game is for the player to decide which of two questions they would rather do.   Some questions are silly and some are thought provoking … but all of the questions are fun and create lots of laughter with the players.

Would You Rather can be played as a large group or questions can be read and answered one at a time.  This is a great ice breaker game for large groups and great at Sleepovers!

We’ve listed over 200 Would You Rather questions on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website!  All of the questions are clean and rated G – perfect for girls, boys, kids, tweens and teen parties.

We’ve even included a printer friendly version so you can print out the questions for FREE.  Cut the questions into individual strips, fold and place in a jar or container for your next party.   Lots of fun variety and with over 200 different questions party guests will have many chances to answer.

Would You Rather Game

Here are a few sample questions …

Would You Rather:

Have frosting for hair or birthday candles for teeth?

Have your parents pick who you marry or be single forever?

Give up your favorite pet or your cell phone?

Constantly itch or sneeze?

Be guaranteed health or wealth for the rest of your life?

Speak in rhymes or have to sing everything you say?

Have worms for hair or noodles or arms?

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids …. let’s get the party started!

Birthday Themes, Party Games, Sleepover Guide, Scavenger Hunts and much more!