Easter Themed Party Games


Easter Themed Party Gameseasterpartygamespic

We’ve added some new Easter themed party games to the website.

And there is also a fun Easter themed Scavenger Hunt game.
The list of 25 items is free to print out!

Find some fun party games to keep everyone busy this year!


RSVP Help / How to Get Guests to Respond to Your Party Invitation



How to Get Guests to Respond to Your Party Invitation

We’ve all been there … the invitations have been sent and the waiting begins to see if anyone will respond to the RSVP on the invitation.

It is always good manners to respond to an invitation, but alot of people don’t have good manners, or they forget, or they think only if they are coming/no coming to the party (the opposite of what they are actually doing) do they need to respond.

You’ve planned for 10 kids to attend, but what if there are only 5 that actually show up?   How will it change the amount of food you need, party favors and how you set up the party games?   And what if a guest shows up with a brother or sister that wants to attend the party? (This one has happened to me several times!)

There are certain ways that you can word your invitation that will almost guarentee that parents will respond.   Along with the RSVP help we’ve also included help on sticky party situations like:

How do you ask guests to pay at a venue?

How to avoid parents staying / not staying for the party?

How to make sure siblings don’t tag along to the party?

And many more!

It’s all on the website … FREE help!

RSVP and Invitation Help

What crazy party situations have you run in to with guests?


April Birthday Gemstone and Flower


April Birthday Gemstone and Flower

April birthday's gemstone and birthday flower

April birthday’s gemstone and birthday flower

The April Birthday gemstone is the Diamond

The April Birthday flower is either the Sweet Pea or the Daisy

We’ve got some great birthday party ideas for April on the website this month!   There are over 175 party themes to choose from along with pages full of party games and activities.   Print out our free Scavenger Hunt lists for a great Springtime party activity.   There is also a Nature Scavenger Hunt list if the party will be at the park or outdoors.

Let us help you plan your next April Birthday!


Birthday Themes
Sleepover / Slumber Party Guide
Truth or Dare Quesitons
Scavenger Hunt Lists
Party Games by Age


March Birthday Gemstone and Flower


March Birthday Gemstone and FlowerMarch Birthday Gemstone and Flower

The gemstone for birthday’s in March is the Aquamarine.

The flower for March birthday’s is the Daffodil (or Jonquil).

What are you doing this month for the March birthday’s in your house?

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids has all the ideas you need to plan the perfect birthday party!  We have over 170 fun birthday party themes to choose from … all with party games, activities, decoration ideas, favors, party food and more that relate to that theme.   And all the ideas are all on one page which makes it easy to pick and choose which ideas will work best with your child.

We have listed all the birthday gemstones on our website at:  http://www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com/birthstone.htm

And we have a special Birthstone birthday party theme that uses the birthday gemstone as the theme of the party! – http://www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com/birthstone-party-theme.htm

Valentine’s Day Games and Activities


Valentines Day Games and Activitiesvalentinesdaygames

We’ve added a page full of fun Valentine’s Day games and activities to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website!

These are great games for kids of all ages, tweens, teens and adults too!   Use them for classroom parties, birthday parties, sleepovers or family gatherings around Valentines Day (or any time of the year!)

We even have a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt complete with a list of 30 fun Valentines related items to find … FREE to print out!

The first stop you need to make when planning a party … Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids!

Send us your favorite Valentines Day games and we will add them to the website!

Thanksgiving Party Games

Thanksgiving Party Games

Thanksgiving Party Games

On the website we’ve listed our favorite party games for kids, tweens, teens, adults and families that are perfect for Thanksgiving get togethers.   These can be used for birthday parties or just to have fun with friends and family.  

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
A great scavenger hunt list that is filled with 38 things to find that are related to Thanksgiving.   The list is free to print out.

Fall Themed Games
We’ve listed our favorite Fall / Thanksgiving themed games and activities that will keep everyone busy and having fun.  Complete instructions and directions are included for:
Fall Birthday Games
Pumpkin roll game
Corn Roll game
Pumpkin bowling game
Gobble Snookie game
Pin the tail on the turkey
Gobble tag game
Apple catch game
Turkey Snicker
Capture the turkey
Pumpkin Pie game

Fall Themed Birthday Party Ideas
And of course we have lots of great birthday party themes to choose from!   Each page has themed specific ideas for games, activities, invitations, decorations, party food, favors and much more! 

Stop by and see what’s new at Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids!

Happy Thanksgiving! 



4th Birthday Party Ideas


4 Birthday Ideas

birthday party mouse

4 birthday party

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids has gathered all the greatest ideas for a 4th birthday party and placed them all on one page!    All the best birthday party ideas that 4 year olds and their friends will love!

Party Schedule
Tips and Tricks for a successful birthday
Birthday party themes (over 170 to choose from!)
Party Games especially for the 4 year old crowd
Party Food kids will love
… and much more!

You’ll find everything you need to plan the perfect party on Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.   Our ideas, tips, scavenger hunt lists and everything we do is always free of charge!

Mall Scavenger Hunts


Mall Scavenger Hunts

One of our favorite party ideas for kids, tweens and teen parties is a Mall Scavenger Hunt.   It is a great venue to beat the heat in the summertime and keep warm in the winter.    With the free Mall Scavenger Hunt Lists that we have on the website planning is simple and easy!

Over 8 different Mall Scavenger Hunts to choose from!

Freebie Shopping Spree  40 items that you can find FREE in the mall!
Information Mall Scavenger Hunt
One Color Mall Scavenger Hunt
Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt 
A 2 Z Mall Scavenger Hunt
Salesperson Mall Scavenger Hunt
Super Shopper

Get complete directions and lists on our website at http://www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com/mall-scavenger-hunts.htm

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids … where parties begin!

Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas


Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Just in time for summer parties the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website has added a whole page dedicated to the theme Butterflies!   Creative and fun ways to celebrate a birthday using a butterfly theme.   We’ve included fun and easy games and activities that both children and their parents will enjoy.   Great budget friendly ideas for decorations, invitations, party favors, goody / loot bags, party food and more!

Also included FREE is a fun Nature Scavenger hunt which allows the guests to explore nature as they search for items on their list.   Full directions and a free scavenger hunt list is provided.   All you need to add is a bucket for collecting and a plastic spoon that kids can use to pick the items up and place in their bucket.  Lots of fun for all ages.

Stop by the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website and see what else is new!  Lots of party games and fun ideas to choose from for kids of all ages!

3 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas


3 Year Old Party Ideas

We’ve put together a great page full of  3 year old birthday party ideas on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website!

Our favorite birthday ideas, tips, advice party games, activities and more for three year olds!

There is also a time line to help plan the party and schedule the games and activities you have planned.

Lots of age appropriate activities and games for three year olds … and also ideas that everyone at the party will enjoy no matter what their age.

Our website is devoted to presenting the best birthday party ideas for kids of all ages.  We have over 170 different birthday party themes that are all complete with theme games, activities, food, favors, decorations and invitation ideas.

Let us help you plan your next party!

More budget friendly ideas and party planning help that you will find on our website:

Birthday Party Ideas

Games for 2, 3 and 4 Year olds

RSVP and Invitation help

Toddler Party Ideas - great for ages 1 – 3