Games for Tween Birthday Party’s – Preteen Games



Tween Birthday Party Games

Fun games for pre-teens ages 9, 10, 11 and 12 can be found on our website Birthday Party Ideas 4Kids.

We’ve listed our favorite games that have been tween tested and parent approved! Fun games for birthday parties and sleepovers.   Our sleepover guide features 23 fun games sure to keep everyone busy all night.

You can also find free truth or dare questions (G rated!) and mall scavenger hunts – all are free to print out and use for your party or sleepover.

What are your favorite games for tween parties?

More birthday party ideas, party invitation ideas, how to make your own party invitations, scavenger hunts with free item lists, activities, crafts and much more!

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  1. These are all great ideas! I really like the mall scavengar hunt. If you have time, I would love your feedback on my work, as it is similar to yours. Thank you!

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  3. plz u guys i no u must need ideas 2 or u wouldnt b her.. i really need them!! any sleepover party games u can think of plz tell me!!! i am like desperate plz it will b like a group of mebbe 12 girls i need ideas!!!

    • truth or dare hot potato!!!!! have every1 write a dare on their strip of paper. after everyone is done writting their dare, go around and have em put it it a box(container, jar, bag, etc.). have every1 sit in a circle. now put on some of your fav jams(aka music) and pass the box around and when the music stops! the person holding it, randomly takes 1 strip of paper out and whatever it says, they have 2 do it🙂 hope this helped🙂

  4. I put paper all over my yard like on my fences and trees and got buckets of neon and other colorful my friends and I got the buckets open them and dipped our hands in the paint and splattered the paint all over the paper painted with our hands and made mini drawings.

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