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If I could do elementary school over again…


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I would have changed up some of my birthday party themes! My default was always Hawaiian with a scavenger hunt. We always had green paper plates and I distinctly remember a giant paper pineapple decoration that my mom never threw away because she knew we would need it for the next time.

Part of my dilemma was that I could never think of anything new to do, so I went for something that was familiar. Its too bad wasn’t around, or I could have had fabulous parties year after year!

If I was able redo one of those parties, I think these themes would be my favorite contenders – my ‘party theme wish list’, if you will.

My party theme wish list (for whenever they invent time travel):


How groovy would a 60’s party be?! Flowers, smiley faces, and bright colors have always been a favorite of mine. I’d be old enough to have a cute outfit and play fun games, but still young enough not to realize that I had no clue about anything 60’s related. Also, I think my mom would have had a lot of fun helping me plan this bash!

My favorite ideas? The 60’s dance competition, groovy fringe tshirts, tye-dye cupcakes, and lava lamps everywhere for decoration. Who would have had the coolest party ever? That’s right, me.


When I think of a carnival, I think of games, food, and having a good time-so its basically a birthday party! I really like this idea because it would have worked well no matter what grade I was in or who I invited. It’s almost fool-proof!

My favorites things for this one are having tickets for the different activities, face painting, all of the different kinds of carnival food, and the mystery fishing game. There’s something for kid, which means everyone would have a good time.


Hello, super unique party theme. Would anyone else think of having a giraffe themed birthday party? I don’t think so…

My faves from this are the giraffe prints on the sidewalk, make your own party hats, and the highest tower block game (which I know from personal experience is a huge hit). This would also be super easy to customize to whatever my favorite animal was that year.


I like this one because there’s just so much you can do with it. Also, animals make every party better, and this theme has lots of them.

I really like the relay games, piranha fishing game, jungle fever juice, and all the decoration ideas. It’s super customizable, which is perfect for making it your own!


I know, I know…this is essentially the same theme as all the parties that I did have. BUT, think of these ideas as a fresh coat of paint. I could have gone from green plates and paper pineapples to something that blew people away!

My favorites: fruit smoothies (yum!), hula hoop contest, octopus hot dogs, and make your own leis. The only thing that could make this party better is if I celebrated it on an island.

Mario Bros

Who says girls can’t have a video game as their party theme? Not me! This one was a favorite growing up, and it definitely feels like a throwback talking about it right now. Plus, I could be Princess Peach and wear a tiara so I’m basically sold on this idea.

The best things about this theme? Make your own hat, Mario mustache photo opp, Yoshi’s egg race, and making the front door look like a block wall. Imagine you just beat Bowser on your first try, and you’re almost on the same level of winning as this party.

New York City

Ah, the City that never sleeps (although I doubt my mom would appreciate that being a part of the party). I can just see myself throwing a party of the highest sophistication for all my friends and classmates.

The A List for this theme includes having a Broadway show, pass the big apple, large soft pretzels as a snack, and making a skyscraper for a photo backdrop. Perfection.


I have always loved spies. I don’t think it’s a viable career choice for me anymore, but it would be fun to pretend! Who knows, maybe if I had used this as one of my past themes I would be working for the CIA right now.

My (not so) super secret favorites for this kind of party are the invisible ink, cipher wheel, disguise buffet, and the spy training obstacle course. Super fun and super easy!


I’m not sure if this show was around whenever I was in elementary school, but it would have been cool nevertheless. And with so many games, who wouldn’t have fun at this party?!

The award winning picks for this theme are the tribe banners, bamboo relay, frozen t-shirt challenge, and the rock garden.  Even people who don’t watch the show would have fun with this one!


Have you ever thought about having a unicorn themed party? Have you? Because if you have then you’re really cool and if you actually went through with it then I want to be your best friend. I think others would agree with me, and I know I would have been the talk of the class had this been my theme.

My favorites from this are the unicorn hats, catch the unicorn’s tail game, rainbow tag, and glitter everywhere. Can you ever have too much glitter? (No)


What do you guys think? Did any of your favorites make the list? If you could redo one party from elementary school, what would you have done differently?

Water Balloon Games


Water Balloon Games

Just added to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website is a whole page full of fun water balloon games to play.   There are over 50 games, activities and things to with water balloons.   Keep busy all summer with these ideas … or use them for your next summertime birthday party.

The games include:
Water Balloon Volleyball
Slippery Toss
Net Catch
Water Balloon Relays
Catch and Duck
Water Balloon Scramble

…. and many many more!

We’ve collected all the best water balloon games sent in by parents and kids and placed them all together for your convenience.   As with everything on … the ideas are FREE.

In addition to the water balloon games there are pages of sidewalk chalk games, pool party games, bubble games and much more.  Bookmark the site for great summertime ideas.

Summertime Birthday Party Ideas


Summertime Birthday Party Ideas

Summer is here and if you have a birthday party to plan in the next few months here are some great summertime birthday party ideas and themes perfect for kids.   Grab an ice cold glass of lemonade and explore all the summer themed party ideas!

Beach Theme Party – Fun in the sun with a beach theme.  Games, activities, food and much more.

Bubbles Theme Party – Bubbles everywhere in this fun birthday party theme!  Lots of ideas on how to use bubbles in the birthday party decorations, invitations, games, food and activities.  Free recipes to make lots of bubble solution.

Bug and Flower Theme Party –  Great outdoor ideas for a child that loves nature, twins, or a boy / girl party for siblings.  Free nature scavenger hunt lists to print out with complete directions.

Butterfly Theme Party Ideas – Let your imagination take flight with these fun butterfly ideas.  Crafts, games, food, invitation and activity ideas.

Camping Theme Party – Whether you are camping in the woods or in the backyard take these fun camping ideas with you to celebrate a birthday.  Fun Camping theme party games, food, party favors and goody bag ideas … plus much more!

Ladybug Birthday Party Theme – Ideas for a Ladybug themed party with fun Ladybug themed games and activities.

Pink Flamingo Party Ideas – Celebrate with these crazy party ideas for Flamingo themed games, activities, food, invitations … lots of great ideas to throw the perfect party.

Watermelon Party Theme – Does anything say summer better then the bright colors of pink and green?  Party games, activities, crafts, food ideas and more in a Watermelon theme.

Pool Party Ideas – Pool party ideas for a Pool themed party.  Lots of fun ideas for invitations, decorations, pool games and much more!  There is also a link to our Pool Party Games page with games for all ages.

For over 130 more birthday party themes see our list of Birthday Party Ideas.

Carnival Games


Easy Carnival Games

We’ve  just added a full page of fun and easy to make Carnival style games to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.  These games can be used at a Carnival birthday party or any type of carnival or festival. 

All the Carnival games we’ve listed have been tested and have been found to be the favorites at carnivals and festivals.   They are all easy to make and don’t require a lot of money or time to put together.  Most are made up of recycled materials! 

We also have a fun Carnival Birthday Party Theme on the website that coordinates great with these games.  Great ideas for Carnival themed invitations, decorations, food, games, activities, party favors and goody / loot bags.

60’s Birthday Party Theme Ideas


1960’s Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Just added to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website – 1960’s birthday party ideas!  Groovy ideas to take your birthday party and the guests back to the 60’s!  Think Tye Dye, Flower Power and lots of LOVE!

We’ve listed our favorite 60’s birthday party ideas which include fun and free ideas for 60’s themed invitations, decorations, crafts, games, dances, party favors, party food and goody bags.

You could also include a scavenger hunt – the website has FREE scavenger hunt lists to print out too!

Party Games, Sleepover Guide, Birthday Activities, RSVP help and more!

Polka Dots for a Birthday Party Theme


Looking for a birthday party theme that is different and easy to do?   Try the polka dot theme!  Unique and simple to put together – with amazing results!  Perfect for kids, tweens or teens.  The polka dot theme has been expanded on our website and includes polka dot ideas for:

Goodie Bags
Polka Dot party favors

On the website we also feature birthday party games, sleepover guidebirthday party games for girls, activities, icebreakers and much more.    Birthday Party Ideas

Homemade Spa Recipes for Sleepovers and Spa Birthday Parties


Just added to our website:

Homemade Spa Recipes

Perfect for Sleepovers and Spa Birthday Party Themes for kids, tweens and teens.

We’ve listed our favorite spa treatments, facials, masks, bath salts, scrubs and more.  All easy to make with ingredients you have at home.   Easy enough to let the kids help you make them at the party.

There is even a Chocolate Facial Mask – yum!

Use these free recipes for your next spa themed birthday party or sleepover.   Be sure and print out the recipes you use so you can send them home with guests.

Click here for a list of all the homemade spa recipes

See our Spa Birthday Party Ideas page for lots of great ideas on hosting a Spa birthday party.   You will find fun ideas for decorations, invitations, party games, activities, food and much more.

Do you have a favorite homemade spa recipe?  Let us know and we’ll list it on the website!
Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids


Funky Flip – Flops – Great Craft for Parties


Need a great craft for birthday parties, slumber parties, end of the year parties or anything in between? How about making some funky flip – flops.  Girls of all ages love them … kids, tweens or teens!  They are easy and inexpensive to make.  The perfect summer craft and party favor rolled into one.

1.  Buy cheap solid color flip flops.  Buy cotton fabric (or use fabric scraps) in different shades and patterns that blend well together.  For each pair of flip flops you will need approximately 1/4 of a yard of combined material.  (We have also made these using old t-shirts).

2.  Cut strips of fabric approximately 1″ wide x 8″ long.  For younger kids cut the strips 5/8″ wide and 6″ long.  You’ll need about 35 strips per flip – flop … 70 for the pair.

3.  Place a fabric strip underneath the top part of the flipflop and bring the two edges together so they are even.  Tie the fabric onto the top of the flip flops and then knot it one time.  Tug the strips so the two pieces fall forward – toward the front of the flipflop.  Repeat until the entire top of the flip – flops are covered.

My daughter made these because her school colors are black and red.  Make yours with bright yellows, reds, aquas and greens – or any color that matches your theme.

You’ll find more party ideas, games, activities and crafts on our website – Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

Fun Sleepover games, activities and crafts

The best party games for parties

Send in pictures of the funky flip-flops you made and we’ll include them on the website!

More fun birthday party ideas for girls, scavenger hunts, 8 Mall Scavenger Hunts, activities, crafts and more!

Games for Tween Birthday Party’s – Preteen Games



Tween Birthday Party Games

Fun games for pre-teens ages 9, 10, 11 and 12 can be found on our website Birthday Party Ideas 4Kids.

We’ve listed our favorite games that have been tween tested and parent approved! Fun games for birthday parties and sleepovers.   Our sleepover guide features 23 fun games sure to keep everyone busy all night.

You can also find free truth or dare questions (G rated!) and mall scavenger hunts – all are free to print out and use for your party or sleepover.

What are your favorite games for tween parties?

More birthday party ideas, party invitation ideas, how to make your own party invitations, scavenger hunts with free item lists, activities, crafts and much more!

Pool Party Games – Fun Games for the Swimming Pool


Fun games for pool partiesPool Games

Fun swimming pool games have been added to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.   Great for birthday parties, end of the year parties or just to have around to keep the kids busy this summer.

We’ve listed our favorite swimming pool games to keep the kids happy and cool at the same time.  Fun free games for kids, tween and teen parties.

Looking for fun pool party birthday theme ideas?  You’ll find lots of fun ideas for pool party birthday themes!

You’ll also find lots of great birthday party ideas including games, themes activities and crafts for your next party.