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Girls Birthday Party Ideas


Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids – www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com has lots of great ideas for girls birthday parties.   Ideas for girls sleepovers, birthday themes, party games, truth or dare questions, mall scavenger hunts and even a long list of spa recipes to make at home.

Birthday Party Themes for Girls – Fun birthday party themes for girls
Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens – Birthday party theme ideas for tween girls
Birthday Party Games for Girls – Birthday party games just for girls
Sleepover / Slumber party guide – Large Sleepover / Slumber party guide for girls.  Fun ideas for invitaitons, decorations, food, actitivies, crafts, games and more!
Truth or Dare Questions – Lots of free truth and dare questions to print out for girls.  Rated G
Mall Scavenger Hunts – 8 Mall scavenger hunts to choose from – free items lists to print out.  Check out the “Freebie Shopping Spree” with a list of over 40 FREE things to find at the mall!
Homemade Spa Recipes – Homemade spa recipes for girls birthday parties.  Make your own spa treatments with these easy recipes.

You’ll find everything you need for a great girls party on www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com !

Birthday Party Ideas Shared by Readers – November


Birthday Party Ideas Shared By Readers in November

Thanks for all the fun ideas that were sent in to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website in the month of November.  Here is a sample of the great ideas we got.  There are fun games, new dare ideas for Truth and Dare and also some ideas for the neighborhood scavenger hunt list that is free to print out on our website.  These will all be listed on the website in the next few days.   Keep the great ideas coming! 

Ada Jaime
Corpus Christi, Texas
Suggestion:   Hey I Wanna Know Ya Song

Hey I wanna know ya (point across to other person)
Hey I wanna show ya(make glasses w/ your hands)
The way I walk (walk in place)
The way I talk(make a little hand and open and close it like a mouth)
The places I go (pretend like your driving)
And the things I know!(point to your head)
Song is sung repeatedly faster and faster feel free to make up your own motions.




No Mirror Make-up:

Give each girl some makeup without a mirror
Give them five minutes to put the makeup on
Don’t tell the players!  (the  person who did the worst wins)


Truth Or Dare
 I dare you to sniff everyone’s feet in the room and tell who’s  feet smell the worst!

Pool Tag:

Okay so me and my friends always play this game at sleepovers.  It really keeps you awake!  So one person is it (it’s usually played with like 3-4 people) and the rest have to run away from that person, obviously, but the tricky thing is, its tag around a pool table.   But its super fun, even though it sounds really stupid, trust me, it’s not!

Get everyone to sit n a circle with a big bar of chocolate in the middle. Get a hat, scarf and gloves and knife and fork and put them in the middle of the circle too. Everyone rolls a die, and the first one to get a 6 has to put the clothes on and eat the chocolate with the knife and fork! While they are trying to eat it, the die still goes around the circle and the next person to get a 6 has to take over. This carries on until the chocolate is gone. Plenty of fun guaranteed!

Unwrap It!

Before your party guests arrive wrap a small item (ex. coloring book, keychain) about 7 to 10 times with wrapping paper. It can be the same pattern or different! When you start to play turn on some music and pass it around in a circle with your party guests. When the music stops whoever has it unwraps one layer of wrapping paper. Kepp on doing this until someone unwraps the last layer and whoever does keeps what’s inside!!!



Hang upside-down for 20 seconds


This game is called Cold Spaghetti.

It’s a real fun game, but it takes some preparation. You must cook about a pound of spaghetti and then leave it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Once it’s nice and cold (and slimy), toss in some cheap prizes (lip gloss, key chains, $5 gift card, ect.) and the girls must reach in the cold, slimy spaghetti to get a prize. P.s. Really funny to watch the reactions when they feel it!


Would you rather?

One person asks someone two crazy things like ” would you rather eat 20 pizzas or tell or deepest secret?” That person has to pick one thing that they said and explain why. If they can’t pick one, dare them  to do something like do the chicken dance. Keep on asking everyone until everyone has had a turn.

13th Birthday Party Idea
At my 13th birthday this year, i am doing a Chinese take out birthday. we are ordering from the local take out and having a buffet. All my friends love it so i thought it would be a great idea! Don’t for get chopsticks!

pembroke pines, fl
Have A Shaving Cream fight. Wear Your Bathing Suit Or Clothes You Don’t Mind Getting Messy. Get A Bottle Of Shaving Cream Not Hair Removal And Spray It On Your Opponent Without Getting Sprayed Yourself, But That’s Tough. Note: This Can Get Messy So Do It In Your Backyard Not Around A Pool, A Grassy Area, Or Out In The Street.
Or you can make t-shirts with your last name on the front and a number on the back. Then decorate it

Dare a person to stick out their  tongue for the next 5 minutes!!

Hide and Seek in the Dark
What I always love to do at a sleepover is to play Hide “n” Seek in the dark. So on the invitation is to ask all the girls to bring a set of clothes that is black or darkly colored. Now go in to a room that has a door to close then, pick one of the girls to be it, then have her count to 60 outside of the room, and while she is counting the other girls hide and when she’s done she looks for the other girls. It’s a big hit at any sleepover, no matter if you’re 5 or if you’re 14 it’s still fun!

For a scavenger hunt.

Take a picture by your movie theater, horses, a cross, picture of the birthday boy/girl, a playground, population of your city or town!

Ice Breaker this game is called.

You need- Balloons acording to how many people. If there’s 10 people get 10 baloons..
How it works-
Blow up the balloons and put a spoonful of glitter in each and write on a piece of paper[small piece] Truth or Dare. Give everybody a balloon without telling them what’s inside. Everybody dances to music. This is similar to freeze dance. Then when the music stops, everyone freezes. Whoever moves, they have to pop there balloon with their bottom.   And answer either the truth or dare.

Tween Spa Party ideas

Put popcorn, nachos, assorted candy etc. on a table (I got this form here about the snacks in table) And you might get thirsty so it’s time for a yummy smoothie!  To make smoothies, put 1/2 frozen fruit (try strawberries, blueberries, or bananas), 1/3 cup orange juice, 1 single serving container yogurt, and 4 or  ice cubes in a blender. Cover and ask an adult to blend until smooth. Serves 2.  

After movies it’s time for a little hair fun! Get ready to make some Cool American Curls You’ll need Fabric Strips and Spray bottle of water. Cut an old t-shirt or pillowcase to make several  1-inch-wide strips about 2 inches longer than your hair. Use spray bottle to lightly mist hair.
Pick a small selection of hair. Hold one of a fabric strip close to head and run it alongside the hair section.  Wrap hair around the strip, then bring  the other end and tie at the scalp. Sleep on the curls, then in the morning, untie for a headful of soft curls.

After you finished with your curls go and play truth or dare get good truths and dares form the Truth and Dare page for great ones. You can make a great gift in memory of the party here is how. Get a poster Board and write Happy Birthday and whoever is the birthday girl. Then make each girl who attended to the party sign their name in the poster board. In the center put a pic of you and the girls in the party and then decorate the board with glitter and rhinestones.

Hoppers Crossing
M & M Straws!
Need: Straws (1 for each person at the party) Paper/plastic cups (1 for each person at the party) M & M’s (1 or 2 bags). one at a time each person sits down and sees how many M&M’s they can get into their cup in a Minute.  Suck in the air on the straw and pick up the M&M’s with the end.  It is fun for everyone this game!


Who Sleeps Where Game
Put numbers in a hat 1-however many people at your sleep over. Everyone, without looking draws a number. The person with number 1 gets to pick where she sleeps first. The girl with number 2 picks next. Then so on.


Sleepover and Slumber Party Games, Activities and Ideas


Fun Sleepover and Slumber Party Ideas

Just added to the Birthday Party Ideas  website – The Sleepover / Slumber Party Guide.

Filled with crazy sleepover games, fun activities and cool ideas for the perfect slumber party.

Fun Sleepover Ideas
Games, Crafts, Activities, Invitation and Food Ideas

Slumber Party Games
Over 23 different and fun games to play at a sleepover.  With all these sleepover games you and your friends will never be bored!  Makeover games, team games and lots more.
New sleepover games just added! 

Free Truth or Dare Questions
Free truth and dare questions to print out.  Rated G and fun for everyone!

Funky Flip-Flops to make at your sleepover party.

Homemade Spa Recipes to make at your sleepover / slumber party.

You can find all of these pajama party ideas plus  fun games, activities, tips and advice on how to throw a great slumber party on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.

Also see our whole page of girls party games … for girls only!

What are your favorite sleepover ideas?  Post them here and we’ll put them on the website.

Sleepover Ideas

Find more fun birthday party ideas, party games, scavenger hunts, Mall scavenger hunts, activities and crafts on our website.

Fun Birthday Party Games


Fun Games to Play for Kids Birthday Parties

The Games page on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids is filled with games to play at a birthday party.  The games have been seperated into age catagories to make it easier to find the right games to play for childrens parties.

The catagories are:

Fun Party Games for boys and girls, kids, tweens and teens:

1st Birthday Party Games and Ideas
Fun Party Games for ages 2, 3 and 4
Fun Party Games for ages  5 and 6
Fun Games for ages  7, 8 and 9
Tween Party Games for 10, 11 and 12

Fun Swimming Pool Party Games

We’ve also updated the Sleepover-Slumber Party page and added fun new games and ideas.

Truth or Dare (G rated) has been added and includes free truth and dare questions to print out for the party.

Need fun outdoor games for lots of kids?  This site has fun outside games and much more – jump rope rhymes, classic games and even how to pick who’s “it”.  Fun Games Kids Play

Thinking about renting a bounce house?   See our post first about what to look for in a good rental company.

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids giving you the best party games for your next celebration!

Truth or Dare – Free Questions for Kids and Tweens


Truth or Dare Game – free questions for kids and tweens

We’ve just posted a great list of fun truth questions and dare ideas for the game Truth or Dare on the website – Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.com.  They are clean, rated G and perfect for sleepovers, birthday parties or when the kids just want to have some fun.  The lists are free to print out or use them on the web with a link back. 

If you have any fun truth or dare ideas to add let us know.  

Click here for the free Truth or Dare Game on our website. www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com